Safe School Procedures

St. Patrick's School, is committed to the safety of each of our students. Each year our policies and practices are reviewed to improve the safety and increase the safety in the school.

St. Patrick's School has improved the safety of school by following a locked-door policy. Access to the school is only through the front entrance for our parents, family members, and any visitors during school hours. To gain access at the front doors, please alert the office of your arrival by using the electronic pad located on the right side of the entryway. This pad contains a camera and doorbell with monitors located in the offices. After you have rung the doorbell, please face the camera and wait for the office to respond. We ask for your patience, as you may need to wait as staff members could be on a phone call or assisting others who may also be in the office at that time.

In order to be effective in keeping our school secure, we also ask that anyone entering or leaving the school not hold the door open for others.

Parents and guardians are again reminded to always sign in and out of our school during our office hours, even if the visit is a short one, such as a lunch drop-off. We thank you for your cooperation and support in keeping our school safe at all times!

Emergency procedures are also reviewed and practice. Our school practices fire drills and lockdowns with one combination each year. Each class room and large area have fire exits and meeting places located. During fire drills we practice a safe and timely evacuation of the school. Lock downs take place when an emergency dictates that it is necessary for everyone to stay secured in the classrooms and other rooms in the school. These safety drills help both staff and students become familiar with procedures and also helps eliminate panic during an actual events. Each drill is evaluated for its strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses are addressed at Health and Safety Committee meetings and staff meetings.

In case of an emergency, parents will be notified through the local radio or OPP announcements.  Please, do not call the school. or come to the school and attempt to gain entrance, as during both a practice and a real lock down, no one will be admitted for any reason.

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