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  • hands Hands2
    JK-SK Hands
  • DSC02796 Teaching empathy for others by understanding the growth and needs of a baby.
    Students learn to understand emotions through facial expressions, and learn empathy for those who rely on others to live.
    Grade 1 Roots of Empathy
  • DSC02802 Students used the gifts of colouring and design to create Easter Eggs.
    Grade 2/3 Easter Art
  • mercycrossIn the Grade 4 class, after learning about God's Mercy through parables in the Bible, students reflected on the Ten Commandments. They listed different ways they may have broke God's Law on a signal torn piece of paper, then mounted it face down on the cross asking God for mercy. 
    Forgiveness for Our Sins
  • studentcoop At St. Patrick's School, we provide opportunities for high school students to do community hours. They participate in all aspects of our school.
    Working with Our Community
  • Full Day Kindergarten Learning Our Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program brings students through the inquiry process. Using a holistic approach students learn to work with others developing skills for learning.
  • Almsgiving 
    Our fundraising efforts to support a child, Gumma, has been an aspect of the school for years. We  learn about our responsibility to help others. Here the Grade 5/6 class created word collages on this topic.
    Grade 5/6 Word Collage- Almsgiving
  • Acts of Kindness  As part of the Grade 7/8 program, the students worked with the Atikokan Native Friendship Centre to create a meal to show their appreciation and kindness to staff. The staff was truly appreciative of our students and of our community support.
    Grade 7/8 Acts of Kindness

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