St. Patrick's School Music Program

Welcome everybody to the special program only offered at St. Pat's School in the Northwest Catholic District School Board, a JK to grade 8 full instrumental and vocal music program. All students from grade JK to 8 are involved in an exciting journey discovering the wonderful world of music.

In JK and SK, the students are involved in the exploration of Orff instruments. The focus for the students to discover beat, rhythm and pitch through a variety of instruments. They sing simple melodies in unison while tapping the beat or rhythm of the music. They use their entire body as well as Orff instruments to demonstrate their understanding of the beat, rhythm and pitch of the music.

In grade 1 and 2, the students further their understanding of music by practicing the notes of the treble clef using their voice and recorders. Students in grade 1 and 2 are able to understand rhythm using whole, half in quarter notes. They learn the very beginning of reading music and rhythm by playing the recorder, drums and singing. Students in grade 1 and two are already able to singing three-part rounds.

In grades 3 and 4, the students practice their skills on the recorder by playing more advanced melodies than they did in previous years. They're able to understand rhythm using whole, half, quarter and eighth notes. They're still at the early stages of harmony in singing, so the use of rounds has become the basis for which we advanced to two-part harmony. Students at this level are able to sign out their recorders and log time at home practicing songs that we perform every two weeks.

In grade 5 to 8, the focus of this program is instrumental music. We practice history, theory, rhythm and beat through performance of concert band instruments. Students in our school generally start at grade 5 as the 5/6 often share a combined class. Like the grade 3 and 4 classes they sign out their instruments and practice at home with an expectation of 20 hours per term practicing the music for a practical test every two weeks. In the latter half of the year, the students are comfortable enough with the playing of their instruments that we perform in public regularly. Students in grades 5 to 8 also practice for three months the year on keyboards using practice book 1 and 2 from the Alfred Piano Series. The students are involved in the vocal program that trains them to sing in small groups as well as solo. Students in grade 8 have just started to be responsible for a project that trains them to run talent shows completely unassisted. This project was fantastic, the students did an excellent job of organizing the entire show, right from the auditions, programs, artwork, advertising and the Masters of ceremonies. Well done grade eights!

The students in St. Pat's involve themselves in many musical activities. Some of these include singing at mass, performing in talent shows, Christmas concerts, outreach to the community and most importantly in front of their parents several times a year.

I'm very proud of the students at St. Pat's school and the commitment they have made to improving their confidence as performers and as ambassadors of St. Pat's.


Mr. Ribey St. Pat's Music teacher

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